Why use kawaw?

A problem is an opportunity

Kawaw was born out of the frustration that came with having three children at three different schools and trying to determine where and when each child needed to be for their various sports and activities.

As a parent

The problem came in two forms. The first was the reliance on scraps of paper that were to be delivered home by our children with the date and time of the event for that week only. The second was that if the paper failed, the school expected me, as a parent, to trawl through lots of website draw information to find the exact grade and team or group that my child was in to find out the details for myself.

Why couldn’t the information come to me directly? And if I could get all the kids events in one feed then even better!

kawaw delivers event information, for you and yours, directly to you.

If the club/school/group organises their activities with the kawaw website, every member (or caregiver associated to the member) will have real time updates delivered to their smartphone. Or they can log in to kawaw on a tablet or computer and see the updates on their individual profile.

As an organiser

We have been through the pain of setting up mailing lists, distribution lists, phone text lists and making notes. All sorts of things can go wrong with these delivery methods. Members can change their email or phone numbers, separated parents don’t supply both contact details, the coach is super organised so the emails or texts are forgotten over time or buried in the avalanche of information we are all subjected to.

Whenever a club/organisation member is sorted into an event all connected parties are updated automatically via the smartphone app for kawaw. No ignored emails. No hard to find texts buried on a phone. If a user changes their email address in kawaw, all their connected clubs or organisations are updated automatically. The club or organisation administrator doesn’t have to do it for them.

As an organiser you can pencil in events for a season so your members or caregivers can tell you in advance if they can’t make certain events. Planning is easier.

As an organiser you can cancel or confirm events, change locations or add notes to an event and a notification will pop up for the smartphone app for all the connected members to see.

We are trying to look after the organisers of events and their members/families who consume the information they generate. We are aiming to allow organisations to organise and communicate in one action and consumers of information to receive personalised and specific information.

Offer your members personalised, specific and accurate timely information.

No more organising pain. No more communicating pain. No more pain finding the right information.

The future vision

As we have developed the software for kawaw we have been forced into thinking about where information originates and who has pain points along the chain of communication.

The true originators of information within different sports and groups is important. For example, if a regional sports group organises a season’s draw, they should be able to create the draw and have all the relevant information delivered to every team, and all the people connected to the team in one action.

Why should there be a cascade of actions by various people in the chain of communication if the team organisers know who is on the team, the team is known by the organising body, the members or connected caregivers are all associated to the team. Why can’t everyone receive the information at the same time?

So our vision is to work with organising bodies and make everyone’s life easier.

If you are an independent club who organises your own events… kawaw is ready to go! Register now and set up your organisation. Let your members know to install our free app and connect to themselves at your organisation. Organise members into events and the communication just happens.