• organise and communicate in one action

  • know about when and where

Benefits for You
  • Real time updates to events including location changes and cancellations
  • Information at your fingertips with the smartphone app
  • Consolidated event list
  • Connect to your, and your childrens', memberships
  • One account, multiple emails, multiple roles
Benefits for Organisers
  • Maintain your membership list
  • Organise teams and groupings for events
  • Store multiple email addresses for a member — members, parents, separated parents, caregivers etc
  • All connected people receive notifcations and event details in real time — cancel with confidence
  • Three month free trial, then $10/month
  • Organisations communicate in real time with those who matter.

    Multiple email addresses
  • Organisations use drag and drop to organise teams.

    Drag and drop teams
  • Users connect to those who matter.

    Example 3

“Just wanted to let you know how amazing the app is in action! It’s brilliant to have the draw for both girls at the push of a button! Thanks and keep up the great development, you’re on to a winner.”

Suzanne — happy parent